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 Administrative Information for JBC

Permanent Account Number (PAN): AAGFJ2517F
Goods and Services Tax Number (GSTIN): 06AAGFJ2517F1ZP
Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN): HR05A0005778
Registration Number of the Firm : 06-018-2018-00004
Employee Provident Fund Number (EPF): HR/GGN/29719
ESIC Code No.: 69000563800000999
Labour Identification Number (LIN) : 1-6633-3189-0
Our Auditors: M/s Kumar Mahajan & Associates
Our Bankers: HDFC Bank Ltd

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Contact Mr. Ramneek Gujral for Grievances regarding PF and ESI




Whattsapp - 9810511177

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