JBC Infra ~ Homes


JBC Infra ~ Homes

Jiwan Builders Contracts Infra LLP now offers its vast experience and great expertise for customized housing. A ‘one stop building shop’, to take construction from mere shelter building, to a successful integration of design, construction, interiors and environment. Services, which encompass the entire gamut of activities that, go into building a good house. Services, that are designed to take the entire headache out of house making. For, as we all know, building a house is not the easiest of things. 

JBC Infra ~ Homes

Your Home ~ Dream houses of today. Houses that increasingly elicit a balance between the contemporary and traditional, shrinking spaces and resource crunches. As a result, designs in demand are those that streamline lifestyles command attention and invite admiration. Yet maintain an exclusivity and personality unique to the occupants who call the house their home. ~ Download Specifications and Rates

 Real Estate ~ JBC Infra's range of services begin with the acquisition of plots . Properties to your requirements can be made available in any city of northern and central India. This service includes complete documentation and registration. 

JBC Infra ~ Homes
JBC Infra ~ Homes

Construction ~ JBC Infra offers you the option of high quality, construction tailor made to your specifications at most competitive prices custom finishes and fittings are fully catalogued. Experienced engineering and technical staff to supervise all construction work. The project is taken up all the way from design to construction. ~ Download Specifications and Rates

Landscaping ~ With house owners laying greater emphasis on gardens and horticulture, landscaping is treated as a specialty at JBC Infra. Gardens are meticulously planned to look natural, yet blend with the overall house design. Gardens that set the house a world apart, where the, nerve jarring cacophony of city life seems far away. And life melts into a wonderful harmony in green. 

JBC Infra ~ Homes
JBC Infra ~ Homes

Interiors & Furniture ~ At JBC Infra, house construction does not stop at brick and mortar. Our services include providing an entire catalogued range of designs for carpeting, furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, drapery, electrical fitments, fans, air conditioning units, air coolers, kitchen appliances, washing machines, geysers, linen, crockery, artifacts ... and everything else you can possibly want for your house. Full assistance in selection of items will be offered by our interior decorator whenever required. 

If you have an existing plot or independent house in Gurugram we can build it for you at our expense and you can pay us in kind with a small part of your property.(sample proposal) Want your proposal ? Click the Button now

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