Now Hit the Ball Farther and with Greater Accuracy, play the exciting Highlands National golf course or compete on the Driving Range or the Putting Green Game!

Fun on the Course

You and 3 of your friends can play golf anytime, anywhere on the exciting Highlands National golf course. This isn't just any course. It is a mountain course with water hazards and extensive sand traps that will delight everyone. The Highlands National golf course is a 7,393 yard, 18 hole, par 72, championship golf course with 4 tee boxes for each hole. The state of the art graphics are astounding. You can fly over the course and follow the ball in flight. You can even see an instant replay of your shot! It's like playing a real course. With the iGOLF Simulator in Golf Course mode you get: Course Flyover

Fun with the Putting Game

With the iGOLF Simulator Putting Game you and up to 3 of your friends can compete in a fun 9 green putting contest. Have fun while you practice a variety of green conditions. Set the green for fast or slow. Practice different lies and slopes. iGOLF Simulator  keeps track of your score. It is a great teaching tool and great entertainment! The Putting Game Features: Putting Snapshot

Fun on the Driving Range


With the iGOLF Simulator you and 3 of your friends can compete against each other as you practice. Compete in longest drive and closest to the pin competitions. With the iGOLF Simulator you can practice on the driving range or pick anywhere on the course to play from. Its fun, exciting and a great way to spend time with friends. The practice range features: Driving Range Snapshot

With the iGOLF Simulator your golf game improves while you're having Fun!


The analysis software accurately projects ball flight and provides you with immediate feedback about key measures of your golf swing. These metrics are shown in a stunning visual display, including: swing speed, ball flight path, shot distance, swing path, club face angle, ball speed, swing tempo, angle of attack, club toe and heel height and strike location on club face. It is the most accurate golf swing analyzer on the market today.

The iGOLF Simulator has advanced swing measurement techniques that can take your game to new heights. After every shot, the iGOLF Simulator precisely measures your swing path, club face angle and club sweet spot and displays it on the computer screen. This analysis is presented in both text and graphical form, which makes understanding your swing dynamics easier. You can even get audio feedback of the results if you like.

Using the driving range or the course, you can get feedback of the following measures of your swing: Shot Snapshot


Are you serious about wanting to lower your handicap? The iGOLF swing analyzer and 9 hole putting game can help you take strokes off of your score.

Over 40% of your shots in golf are made with a putter. If you really want to take strokes off of your score the iGOLF Simulator is for you. The iGOLF Simulator is a great golf instruction teaching tool for the short game. It shows you how to set a line to the hole and to address the ball with a square club face and swing path. The swing analyzer gives you the instant feedback you need to make consistent putts. It shows you how to hit with a square putter face every time. Get immediate improvement. Get golf feedback that really works. Get an edge with golf swing instruction from iGOLF Simulator.

Improve While Having Fun!

The iGOLF Simulator makes practice Fun! You and up to 3 of your friends can compete in a 9 green putting contest. Have fun while you practice your swing under a variety of green conditions. Practice different lies and slopes. The iGOLF Simulator keeps track of your score. It is a great golf instruction tool and great entertainment!

Fun with the Putting Game


The iGOLF Simulation system consists of a 9" by 14", extremely durable, high tech sensing platform and software that captures the information from the sensors and creates a visual representation of the swing data. Just place the reflective tape on the bottom of your club and the iGOLF Simulator does the rest. You will receive incredibly accurate, completely objective, totally scientific analysis of each swing that you take.

Measured testing shows that the iGOLF Simulator is capturing club data with a high degree of confidence:

From this data, ball flight is predicted, and the ability of the iGOLF Simulator to predict the shape of the shot is unparalleled. The nuances of fade and draw, push and pull are all generated in a method that delivers a high degree of confidence in the display of the ball flight dynamics.

Used by teaching pros around the world — The technology is quickly becoming a leading instruction tool, giving highly accurate data of your club before, at and after impact with the ball. Used with any club in your bag, the iGOLF Simulator is a complete swing analysis and golf simulation system for golfers of all levels.


Impact SnapshotYour golf club is moving at over 80 miles per hour. At that speed even a golf pro can’t see what your club is doing when it impacts the ball but the iGOLF Simulator can. By using infrared technology and a simple reflective strip placed on the bottom of your club, you can get incredible swing analysis with ease.

Using the iGOLF Simulator, you can see the point of impact and gain additional insight into your club swing and how you impact the ball. You will see visually if your swing path was square through impact, if your club face was square as you made contact with the ball, and what angle of attack your club was on at impact. You can also see where on the club face you made contact with the ball to see if you are using the sweet spot of the club and transferring the most energy you have generated with your swing to the ball.

The iGOLF Simulator gives you the instant feedback you need to make the Perfect Swing and to achieve greater distance and increased accuracy!




How Does it work?

The Golf Simulator enables the player play golf in a simulated environment. The computer generated image of the golf course is projected onto a life size 8 ft x 10 ft screen. The player can simply play the shot (with his own golf clubs and real golf balls) and the sensors pick up the data and show the actual ball flight.

The unit is also space-efficient, extremely durable sensing platform that connects to any PC. Players put reflective tape on the bottom of a club so that the sensors can use infrared light from 65 high speed emitters and receptors to measure club head motion throughout the entire golf swing. Then the system's software takes over, providing information about swing path, clubface angle, club head speed, club face angle, swing tempo, up/down swing path, the height of the club's toe and heel, strike location on the club face, ball-flight direction, and shot distance.

The simulator lets you analyze every club in the bag — including the putter. The software permits virtual play on the simulated 18-hole golf course, or groove your swing at the driving range and practice green. Use any type of ball you want, or no ball at all — the sensors will take their readings from reflective tape applied to the club sole.



i GOLF Simulator Enclosure Ideal Requirements:


Bare Minimum Size Requirements are 9 ft x 9 ft x9 ft  (L x B x H)








There should be a clear space of 2 ft from the rear of the enclosure and 1ft on either side. The overhead projector is to be placed at 18 ft from the screen.

Regarding the area you should be looking at 350 sft to 500 sft depending on the package you select.

iGOLF - Golf Simulator Packages



Warranty: i GOLF provides in India with a 1 Year limited carry –in warranty, covering the unit for 1 Year from the date of installation. Our 1 Year limited warranty covers all defects in material or workmanship. During this time period we will, at our sole option, repair or replace any unit properly returned to us that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover misuse by the customer.  What is not covered? The warranty covers only the unit. The computer and projector carry their respective manufacturers warranty. It does not cover mats, screen, nets, consumables or any kinds of flooring. The warranty does not cover external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or extreme electrical power.   It does not cover servicing by anyone other than Pashae Trading LLP - i GOLF.   It does not cover usage that is not in accordance with the product instructions or product safety information or if preventive maintenance was not performed.   The warranty is void if the unit seal has been broken.   If it is determined that the product is not covered under Warranty Service Contract you will be informed and be given a fee as to the charges incurred for servicing the inoperable unit.   Failure to pay these fees will void the warranty. You will be responsible for the shipping charges to the service center.