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Seamless Installation Example

Be the envy of the neighbourhood and have the first multi-sport simulator in your house. Having the ‘boys’ over will take on new meaning when they can choose playing six different sports that are totally interactive. Choose from Golf, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer and Basketball to experience state-of-the-art sports simulation. This is the first video game you’ll want your kids to play to keep them active as each sport requires physical in


teraction. Let our custom installers create the ultimate game room for your home.

  • Choose from Six sports to play
  • Keeps the family very active
  • Develops great hand, eye, foot coordination
  • Can be doubled as a theatre system
  • Video games (Xbox etc.) can be played into system for a big screen experience
  • When the weather turns for the worse, turn up the action indoors with this one of a kind ultimate family experience
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How it works?

The Multi-Sports Simulator enables the player play golf, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and soccer in a simulated environment. The computer generated image of the golf course is projected onto a life size 11 ft x 10 ft screen. The player can simply play the shot with real sports equipment and the cameras pick up the data and show the actual feedback and game play. It requires no special tools or equipment. Just play the game.

   CRICKET Ultima Cricket was designed to provide the most realistic and advanced Cricket simulation experience possible.  VSS has worked with Cricketers to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real ball and batter movements.  Players can test their shots bowling against life-size batters  on life-size stadiums in a simulated environment. 


Golf Simulator

Welcome to the real world of interactive, high-definition golf simulation.  With the RealGolf simulator you can play 18 holes of golf on famous courses from around the world, or compete in a Long-Drive, Closest-to-the-Pin, Match Play, or Skins competition against other golfers.  A target-based driving range, and a chipping and putting area also allow you to focus on specific situations and distances that require practice and work.  You can also control green speed, wind, rain and other weather conditions while you play.  

See screenshots from golf simulator

Ultima Hockey was designed to provide the most realistic and advanced hockey simulation experience possible.  Visual Sports Systems has worked with NHL players to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real player and goaltender movements.  Players can test their shots against life-size goaltenders on life-size nets in a simulated environment.  Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time.

Ultima Baseball

Players pitch to intimidating batters in a simulated game environment.  Strikeout and brush back the batters...but make sure they don't take you deep!  A built in speed gun tells the players how fast they are pitching as well as keep track of pitching stats for each game played. 

Set up allows for each ball to be returned naturally along the floor safely for pitchers convenience.

Ultima Football

Players take the quarterback position and throw real footballs to moving receivers at different distances and positions on the field. 
Field Goal Challenge: Players kick real footballs through the on-screen uprights in an authentic stadium background.  Kicking distances increase as the player’s kicking ability is proven.

Ultima Soccer
The soccer simulator user is the shooter in a one-on-one scenario against the goaltender. The shooter shoots on a ‘live’ goaltender. The object is to score as many goals in the session as possible. The more accurate and higher the velocity of the shot, the more likely the player/user is to score.
Basketball Simulator
Ultima Basketball
Basketball players shoot baskets at simulated hoops with a variety of incredible backgrounds. Basketball simulator environments range from parks to street courts. Players shoot foul shots they never thought they could make.    

In-Home Installations


In-House Simulator Installation

In-House Simulator Installation


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Golf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf Simulator


ULTIMA Multi Sport Simulator Packages


Service & Warranty

i GOLF provides in India the Multi Sport simulator with a 1 Year limited carry –in warranty, covering the unit for 1 Year from the date of installation. Our 1 Year limited warranty covers all defects in material or workmanship. During this time period we will, at our sole option, repair or replace any Golf Simulator properly returned to us that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover misuse by the customer. 

What is not covered? The warranty covers only the unit. The computer and projector carry their respective manufacturers warranty. It does not cover mats, screen, nets, consumables or any kinds of flooring. The warranty does not cover external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or extreme electrical power.   It does not cover servicing by anyone other than Pashae Trading LLP - i GOLF or Visual Sports Systems.   It does not cover usage that is not in accordance with the product instructions or product safety information or if preventive maintenance was not performed.   The warranty is void if the unit seal has been broken.   If it is determined that the product is not covered under Warranty Service Contract you will be informed and be given a fee as to the charges incurred for servicing the inoperable unit.   Failure to pay these fees will void the warranty. You will be responsible for the shipping charges to the service center.


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